18 months - 3 years old

Our Toddler Programs: Nurturing Growth, Exploring Possibilities

At The Family of Faith Preschool, we cherish the unique and exciting journey of toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years. Our dedicated toddler programs, Magi, Doves, and Fishers, are designed to provide a nurturing and enriching environment tailored to the specific needs and developmental stages of your child.

Magi: 12 Months to 18 Months - Discovering Endless Possibilities

The Magi Program is where the journey begins for our youngest toddlers, aged 18 months to 2 years. This is a pivotal time when babies take their first steps toward independence and transition into the world of bigger kids. In the Magi Program, we take toddler exploration seriously and aim to create a learning environment that unveils their endless potential.

Motor Skill Development

Toddlers in the Magi Program are at the cusp of a major developmental milestone. They are eagerly exploring their physical abilities, from those first tentative steps to improving fine motor skills. Our program provides a safe and supportive space for them to experiment with movement, helping them build confidence in their physical abilities.

Faith and Values

We believe in modeling the importance of faith, goodness, and kindness from a young age. In the Magi Program, we incorporate weekly Bible-centered lessons to instill these values. Toddlers at this stage are like sponges, and the lessons they learn about love, compassion, and kindness will have a lasting impact on their character.

Child-Centered Learning

We understand that each toddler is unique, and learning should be tailored to their interests and developmental needs. In the Magi Program, we follow the child's lead and create activities that emerge from their curiosity. This child-centered approach ensures that learning is engaging, enjoyable, and meaningful for each toddler.

Learning through Play

Toddlers in the Magi Program learn through play, as it's the most natural way for them to explore and make sense of the world. From creative crafts and art projects to music and sensory experiences, every activity is designed to stimulate their inquisitive minds and spark creativity. It's a delightful way for them to develop essential skills and foster a love for learning.

Doves: 18 Months to 24 Months - Embracing Terrific Toddlers

The Doves Program welcomes children aged 18 - 24 months. This stage is known for toddlers asserting their independence and eagerness to explore the world around them. In the Doves Program, we celebrate this transition by providing a supportive and nurturing environment.

Independence and Confidence

The transition from toddlerhood to the terrific twos is marked by a growing desire for independence. Toddlers in the Doves Program are encouraged to take charge of their learning and make choices. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and builds self-confidence, helping them become more capable individuals.

Parental Involvement

We understand that the comfort and well-being of a child are paramount. Parents are asked to supply essentials like pull-ups/diapers, a backpack with multiple changes of outfits, a sippy cup, a blanket, an extra pair of shoes, and any additional items that provide a sense of familiarity and security. This collaborative approach ensures that each child has everything they need for a successful and happy day. We partner with parents to help children through toilet training.

Learning through Exploration

The Doves Program acknowledges the curious nature of two-year-olds. It provides opportunities for exploration and hands-on learning, allowing children to discover the world around them. Activities are designed to stimulate their inquisitiveness and ignite a sense of wonder, making learning a joyful adventure.

Dreamers and Fishers: Twos - Faith-Based Learning for Preschoolers

The Dreamers and Fishers rooms are tailored for children aged 2 years old, marking the transition to preschool. It's a critical time when children are ready for more structured learning experiences. In this program, we provide a faith-based foundation for further growth.

Faith-Based Curriculum

In the Dreamers and Fishers rooms, we incorporate faith-based values into our curriculum. Children learn about gratitude, empathy, kindness, and other virtues that are integral to their personal and spiritual growth. These lessons are woven into their daily experiences, instilling a sense of moral direction.

Pre-Literacy and Math Concepts

Three-year-olds in the Dreamers and Fishers rooms are introduced to age-appropriate pre-literacy and math concepts. These early skills are essential for their transition to preschool and, eventually, to grade school. It's a structured approach that prepares them academically.

Independent Decision-Making

Our two year old programs encourage children to make independent decisions and develop critical thinking skills. They are exposed to activities that promote problem-solving and decision-making, empowering them to explore, think, and learn independently.

At The Family of Faith Preschool, we provide a nurturing, loving, and faith-based environment where your child can grow, learn, and thrive. Our tailored programs are designed to celebrate every milestone, encourage independence, and set the stage for a lifetime of success. We warmly invite you to take a tour so you can see how we're dedicated to helping your child become a well-rounded, compassionate, and faith-filled individual.

Prophets and Builders: 3’s Program, Nurturing Young Learners with Care

At The Family of Faith Preschool, we're dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for our youngest learners. Our Prophets and Builders rooms are specially tailored for three-year-olds, a pivotal age when children begin their educational journey.

Holistic Development

We prioritize the holistic development of every child. Our program caters not only to academic growth but also to emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Early Learning Adventures

 In the Prophets and Builders rooms, children take their first steps into the exciting world of education. We lay the foundation for early literacy and numeracy skills, ensuring a strong start.

Interactive Learning

We make education engaging and interactive. Through hands-on activities, innovative teaching methods, and technology integration, learning becomes an exciting adventure.

Values and Spirituality

Our faith-based curriculum imparts essential values such as kindness, empathy, and a sense of community. We foster children's spiritual growth in a loving and supportive environment.

Social Development

Three-year-olds are at a stage where they begin to explore friendships and social interactions. Our program promotes positive social skills, cooperation, and a sense of belonging.

Creativity and Self-Expression

Artistic expression is encouraged, allowing children to explore their creative talents and discover unique forms of self-expression.

The Prophets and Builders rooms at The Family of Faith Preschool is more than a preschool experience; it's the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. We're committed to preparing three-year-olds for their educational journey, equipping them with essential skills, knowledge, and values. Come tour and see what this exciting path of discovery, exploration, can do to build a strong foundation for your child.

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Kindergarten Preparation

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