4-5 year olds

Preschool Programs: Where Little Learners Blossom

At The Family of Faith Preschool, we're committed to providing an exceptional early childhood education for children aged 4 to 5. Our Bravehearts and Champions Programs offer a nurturing and enriching environment where children can embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and growth.

BRAVEHEARTS - 4-5 Year Old Pre-K Preparing for Kindergarten: Igniting a Love for Learning

The Bravehearts Program welcomes children who are four years old. This is an age filled with excitement and new learning experiences, where the foundations of early childhood education are laid. In the Bravehearts Program, we focus on preparing your child for real-life situations and the journey ahead.

Comprehensive Weekly Lessons

Our weekly lessons cover a wide range of topics, from the ABCs to 123s. These lessons help children express themselves with words, discuss their feelings, and understand more about the world and each other. It's a crucial stage where children start developing their communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Group Work and Social Skills

Children learn the importance of working in groups and develop strong social skills that will serve them well in grade school and beyond. Learning to collaborate, share, and interact with peers is an integral part of their development.

Introduction to Key Subjects

The Bravehearts Program introduces children to important subjects like math, literacy, art, and more through a variety of activities and lessons. Learning becomes an exciting adventure, allowing children to explore and discover their interests.

Disciples - 4-5's Pre-K: Preparing for Kindergarten

Our Champions Program is designed for four to five-year-olds who are on the brink of entering the world of Kindergarten. We understand the significance of kindergarten readiness, and it's one of our primary goals. In this program, we equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive academically and socially.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

We encourage critical thinking and problem-solving through engaging activities. Shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet are incorporated into games and exercises, making learning fun and interactive. Children develop the essential cognitive skills that will serve as a strong foundation for their academic journey.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Goal Achievement

We're dedicated to boosting every child's self-esteem and encouraging them to set and achieve their goals. Confidence is an essential element of a child's educational journey, and we provide a supportive environment for children to believe in themselves.

Kindergarten Preparation: Bridging the Path to Educational Success

Our preschool programs place a special emphasis on preparing children for the transition to Kindergarten. We understand that a smooth and successful transition is a pivotal step in a child's educational journey. Here's how we ensure your child is well-prepared for this significant milestone:

  • Academic Foundation: We introduce children to essential academic concepts in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. From shapes and colors to early numeracy and literacy skills, we provide a solid academic foundation that ensures a seamless transition to Kindergarten.

  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: Our curriculum encourages children to think critically and solve problems. These skills are crucial for academic success and are integrated into daily activities to promote intellectual growth.

  • Social and Emotional Development: Kindergarten isn't just about academics; it's also about emotional readiness and social skills. We focus on developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to help children thrive in a classroom setting.

  • Confidence and Independence: We empower children to become confident and independent learners. We believe that self-esteem is a key component of academic success, and we provide a nurturing environment where children can take risks, make choices, and learn from their experiences.

  • Bible Academic Curriculum: As a faith-based preschool, we weave important values into our curriculum. Children not only acquire academic skills but also learn essential values from our Bible-based curriculum.

  • Family Involvement: We believe in the power of a collaborative approach. We encourage family involvement in the learning process, ensuring that parents and guardians are informed and engaged in their child's educational journey.

At The Family of Faith Preschool, we offer faith-based environments where preschoolers grow, learn, and thrive. We warmly welcome you to tour our preschool and explore how we're passionately committed to shaping your child into a well-rounded, compassionate, and faith-filled individual.

Introduction to Spanish

Daily Chapel time

Daily Outdoor Play

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Kindergarten Preparation

(Using a bible academic curriculum)