Hop into Easter with The Family of Faith Preschool's Easter Egg Hunt


Spring is here and what better way to celebrate the season than with an Easter egg hunt? On March 27, we invite all our TFOF families to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt, a well-loved tradition at The Family of Faith Preschool.

Starting with an Easter Chapel Service, we come together in prayer, renewing our faith and reflecting on the resurrection's profound significance. This prepares our hearts for the celebration that follows - the eagerly awaited egg hunt. The joy and thrill as each child discovers hidden eggs filled with surprises will truly bring to life the spirit of Easter!

Our wonderful teachers are looking forward to guiding this day filled with faith-filled celebration and fun. Besides the joy and excitement, our Easter Egg Hunt serves another crucial purpose - it reinforces the Christian values rooted in our curriculum and boosts the sense of community within our preschool.

As you prepare for this day of joyous celebration, remember that an Easter egg hunt isn't just about the eggs; it's about coming together as a community, nurturing our children through shared experiences, and creating lasting memories!